Producing bottling machines with the higher quality standards since 1973

Italian Bottling Technology is a company specialized in producing bottling machines and equipment for any kind of product.

Together with this products, totally of our project and production, we provide to the customer all which regards producing and wine making in factories of any size and production.

We also provide repairing services on machines and bottling lines requiring setup, review, spare parts.

All of our products have a 2-year warranty, and the assistance is provided by ourselves, as a family company and thus easily adaptable to the clients' needs.

In these days more then every when else there is a need for buying machines and equipments which are built with advanced technologies, which are CE-compliant, which can guarantee security to the user, which can be good both for quality and cost, which can guarantee stability and continuity in their production.

To obtain this it is necessary for the producer to be "guided" by expert people when he decides to set up a new production factory, or when he needs to update his existent one.

Surely our company has the might to remain next to his customer, understanding his needs and guiding him step by step into his purchase, without intermediate people, but with its constant presence.